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Noreen Boynton Instructional Design Specialist noreen@fcim.org
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Lezlie Cline Project Director lezlie@fcim.org 850.645.7132
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Kevin Deak Web Application Developer kevin@fcim.org 850.645.1983
Cody Diefenthaler Manager of Interactive Development cody@fcim.org 850.645.6893
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Andrew Hale Web Application Developer drew@fcim.org 850.645.1895
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Jana McKinnon Multimedia Developer jana@fcim.org 850.645.1701
Tara Orlowski Manager of Instructional Development tara@fcim.org 850.644.1402
Drue Peters Administrative Assistant drue@fcim.org 850.645.7902
Alex Quintana Instructional Design Specialist alex@fcim.org 850.645.9376
Chelsea Riggs Media Specialist chelsea@fcim.org 850.645.8128
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Chris Womack Manager of Creative Production chris@fcim.org 850.645.1953
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